FAQ’s and How To’s

How is holistic physical therapy different from traditional physical therapy?

Many clients have become disillusioned with physical therapy practices that focus only on an injured part, or practices where they “churn” patients out like a “mill”. I understand how disconnected clients feel when they are in these rushed clinical environments.

The definition of the word holistic is as follows: “emphasizing the importance of the whole, rather than analysis or separation into parts.” The word whole comes from the root hael or hal , which means whole or healthy.

Women and men who consider themselves holistic physical therapists, have at the heart of their practice this basic principle: that each person is inherently whole, and can not be simply divided into parts, that if one part of the person is affected by illness or trauma, the whole person is affected and this cannot be overlooked in physical therapy evaluation or treatment.

At Holisticare Therapeutic Services I am committed to providing comprehensive physical therapy treatment within the scope of physical therapy practice, that honors a philosophy of treating the whole person. I also offer support and continuing care after the rehabilitation phase and into preventative and maintenance care by providing ongoing options at the Duvall Fitness facility.

Do you bill my insurance?

I am able to bill most insurances and I am a preferred provider for many of them. I specifically do not bill Regence or United Health Care however, I will supply you with a billing form and receipt to bill them yourself for any reimbursement they may offer. I do not bill Medicare.

Do you offer cash programs?

I do offer cash discounts for my patients and clients who pay on the day of service, who do not have insurance or are going to bill insurance themselves to collect out-of-network benefits.

What should I wear?

Please be aware that I work with you holistically, and will need to be able to see your structure from the ground up. If you are getting structural integration I will need to treat bare skin. In order to keep the sessions professional, and for modesty and respect please bring or wear clothing that allows for both treatment and comfort. For women please wear a 2-piece swim suit, or equivalent clothing, running shorts that are short and loose and some exercise bras will also work. Men please bring or wear loose short, running shorts.